Before the Dawn
Writer(s) Thunderblast
Date published 10/27/14
Words 29,179
Status Completed
Type/genre Adventure, AU
Featuring Thunderblast
Part of The Thunderblast Chronicles
Story link(s)
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Starting off shortly after the ending of Under the Moonlight, Thunderblast wakes up on his final day in Canterlot and heads to the Canterlot Palace, meeting up with some of his friends from the royal guard, Spear and Night Shadow, announcing that he will be in Manehattan for an unknown amount of time training for the military, but he will be back in the future, whether it be a few months to a year. The following morning, he says his final goodbyes and boards a train to Manehattan where he arrives at Fort Fetlock, a military base located near the city of Manehattan and secluded in the forest, only accessible by train.

Upon stepping off of the train, he finds that his escort to the base isn't there and decides to fly the rest of the way. He finds out the hard way when he is nearly shot out of the sky by a soldier on-base, thinking it was an assailant about to attack. He lands and is surrounded by armed soldiers, but are told to stand down when the base lieutenant named Sparkplug walks up. He greets Thunder and apologizes for the mix-up, but explains the reasons behind the attack and says the base is a no-fly zone for pegasi and aircraft. The lieutenant shows Thunder around the base and to his tent, where he later meets his tent-mates, Flashpoint and Skillshot.

(Extended summary coming soon)


Before the Dawn has received mostly good criticism and currently has 13 likes and 5 dislikes. The amount of dislikes may lower in the future now that the story is being partially remade, and the idea of Thunderblast being in a relationship with Rainbow Dash was removed from the story.

The story has 294 views and over 1,700 total views.


  • Before the Dawn is the second installment to The Thunderblast Chronicles. Originally, it was expected to be much longer than its predecessor but turned out to be much shorter. In December of 2015, half of the chapters were removed and the author decided to revamp the story's plot.
    • The story was originally meant to be centered around the marriage of Thunderblast and Rainbow Dash, but due to a change of mind by the author, he decided to remove any traces of the mare in the story and will later reveal that Thunder and Rainbow separated for currently unknown reasons.
  • The story was originally cancelled with plans to continue it later on, but this instead changed to the story being nearly completely re-written.

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