BeatleBrony, also used in the plural Beatle Bronies, is the collective pseudonym for several brony musicians. They collectively take Beatle songs and re-write the lyrics to fit into the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic universe while keeping the music intact. They play most of the instruments on the songs. Their songs Little Octavia and The Night Before have each garnered over 20,000 views on YouTube as of May 22, 2012.


The BeatleBronies' style is that of a cover band. They take famous and obscure songs by well-known British rock band The Beatles (and sometimes later-career songs by former Beatles members) and re-write the lyrics to fit into the overall My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic universe. Several early recordings of theirs used the instrumentals of the original songs, with re-recorded vocals. They soon switched to an almost entirely live approach with the actual members playing the instruments.

Band members

The BeatleBronies consist of several brony musicians from all around the world, most of whom have never met any of the others in real life. Some of them also produce original brony music on their own (clickable name redirects to Youtube page).

The actual members are:

Name Instruments Notes
Bloomberg Bass, drums
Dreamhuk Vocals
Equestria Dude Vocals, acoustic and electric guitars
Hergest Ridge Vocals, keyboards, bass, percussions
Hoofert Lyricist
Peanut Crunch Didgeridoo, percussions. Lyricist
Poni1Kenobi Vocals, bass, drums, keyboards Founder of the band
qdBrony Vocals, acoustic and electric guitars

List of covers

Original Beatles song
2011-08-12 Little Octavia 2:08 Poni1Kenobi Eleanor Rigby
2011-08-12 Dashie in the Sky with Rainbooms 3:25 Equestria Dude Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
2011-08-12 Ponyville 2:56 Filly the Kid Penny Lane
2011-08-12 Hey Diamond Dog 3:20 'S Hey Bulldog
2011-08-12 While My Double Bass Gently Weeps 4:30 NOT LISTED While My Guitar Gently Weeps
2011-08-13 Sgt. Pinkie's Lonely Hooves Club Band 1:54 NOT LISTED Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
2011-08-13 Pinkie Pie 3:00 'S Honey Pie
2011-08-14 She's Leaving Home 3:35 Hoofert She's Leaving Home
2011-08-14 Rarity 2:02 SonicSuns Yesterday
2011-08-14 Being for the Benefit of The Great and Powerful Trixie 2:36 Hoofert Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite
2011-08-14 I Am the Zebra 4:09 Hoofert I Am the Walrus
2011-08-14 Scootaloo 2:22 Hoofert Blackbird
2011-08-15 Fashion Designer 2:13 'S Paperback Writer
2011-08-15 Dear Derpy 4:02 Poni1Kenobi Dear Prudence
2011-08-16 Why Won't You Love Me!! 4:34 Cassonade Helter Skelter
2011-08-17 Hey Spike 6:38 Hoofert Hey Jude
2011-08-19 Blank Flank 3:52 'S Come Together
2011-08-19 Something 3:03 Hoofert Something
2011-08-19 Derpy's Iron Anvil 3:37 'S and Cassonade Maxwell's Silver Hammer
2011-08-19 Oh! Pony! 3:16 Cassonade Oh! Darling!
2011-08-19 Because 2:20 Hoofert Because
2011-08-19 The Apple Road Medley Information icon blue 14:33 Hoofert, 'S and Cassonade Abbey Road Medley Information icon blue
2011-08-20 Can't You See 4:15 'S and Hoofert Let It Be
2011-08-20 Mare 0:53 NOT LISTED Girl
2011-08-20 Help! 2:26 Cassonade Help!
2011-08-20 All You Need Is Friends 2:27 Cassonade, DreamHuk, Poni1Kenobi All You Need Is Love
2011-09-19 Derpy Hooves 2:52 qdBrony Julia
2011-09-23 Here Today 3:02 NOT LISTED Here Today
2011-09-27 Revolution 3:30 Hoofert Revolution
2011-09-29 I'm Looking Through You 2:25 qdBrony I'm Looking Through You
2011-10-03 Big Mac 2:44 Hoofert Nowhere Man
2011-10-08 Pull My Cart 2:29 qdBrony Drive My Car
2011-10-09 Friendship 3:15 Hoofert Love
2011-10-11 Discord 2:41 Hoofert Taxman
2011-10-16 Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da 3:13 Hoofert Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da
2011-10-21 Dash 4:16 qdBrony Jet
2011-10-21 Twilight Sparkle 3:27 Hoofert Sexy Sadie
2011-10-25 The Herd 2:21 Hoofert Tomorrow Never Knows
2011-10-25 Princess Luna Mr Moonlight
2011-10-27 In My Life 2:30 Hoofert In My Life
2011-10-30 Miss Cheerilee 2:50 Hoofert, Poni1Kenobi Lady Madonna
2011-11-04 Bloomberg 3:21 Peanut Crunch Bluebird
2011-11-05 Two of Us 3:18 qdBrony Two of Us
2011-11-08 The Ballad of Twilight Sparkle 2:59 Poni1Kenobi John and Yoko
2011-11-21 All Together Now 2:11 Hoofert All Together Now
2011-11-24 He's a Tortoise 2:56 Hoofert, qdBrony She's a Woman
2011-11-29 I Bring the Sun - Moon 7:14 Hoofert Here Comes the Sun - Moon
2011-12-07 Oh Fluttershy 2:58 Osoth Michelle
2011-12-08 Happy Winter 3:39 Hoofert, qdBrony Happy X-Mas - War is Over
2011-12-16 Scratch Your Sound 2:30 Equestria Dude Twist and Shout
2011-12-19 We Can Work It Out 2:13 Osoth We Can Work It Out
2011-12-21 You Only Sent A Pair My Way 2:41 Osoth

You've Got to Hide Your Love Away

2012-01-06 I Don't Want to Spoil the Party 2:39 qdBrony, Hoofert I Don't Want to Spoil the Party
2012-01-12 Bucking That Wood 2:07 NOT LISTED Norwegian Wood
2012-01-13 She Saw That Rainboom There 2:56 qdBrony I Saw Her Standing There
2012-01-16 For Nopony 1:57 Hoofert For No One
2012-02-04 ScootaBlues 4:03 Equestria Dude Yer Blues
2012-02-12 Go Twi 6:01 Hoofert Get Back
2012-02-12 Sweet Apple Acres Forever featuring Tsyolin 3:33 NOT LISTED Strawberry Fields
2012-02-21 Day Bringer 2:57 Osoth Day Tripper
2012-02-23 While My Cello Gently Weeps 4:49 Equestria Dude While My Guitar
2012-02-24 Mare on the Run 5:14 Peanut Crunch, Hoofert, Equestria Dude Band on the Run
2012-03-03 Princess of the Sun feat. Replacer 2:46 Hoofert, Peanut Crunch, qdBrony Mother Nature's Son
2012-03-05 Daring Do 2:15 Equestria Dude Love Me Do
2012-03-16 Zecora's Jungle Garden 2:52 Hoofert Octopus's Garden
2012-03-29 Stuck By Our Side 3:17 Osoth Ticket to Ride
2012-04-01 My Fair Princess 2:27 Hoofert My Sweet Lord
2012-04-22 Happiness is a Good Friend 2:44 Hoofert, qdBrony, Peanut Crunch, DreamHuk Warm Gun
2012-05-30 Across Equestria 4:06 Hoofert, Osoth, Hergest Ridge, qdBrony Across the World
2012-05-31 Mare With The Books 2:57 Hoofert  Fool on the Hill
2012-06-25 They Want Food (They're So Hungry) 9:09 qdBrony I Want You (She's So Heavy)
2012-07-29 Fillies 2:04

qdBrony, Hoofert

2012-10-09 Running of the Leaves Back in the USSR
2012-12-17 Beware of Sombra 3:51 qdBrony, Peanut Crunch Beware of Darkness

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