Beast Wars: The Equestrian Front is a story wirtten by I_am_the_Matrix on FIMFiction it is a Beast Wars Crossoverstory that takes place at the end of the series

Beast Wars: The Equestrian Front
Beast wars Equestrian front

Writer(s) I_am_the_Matrix
Date published Oct, 22, 2012
Words 27,421
Status Incomplete
Type/genre Dark, Crossover, Adventure, Alternate Universe
Featuring Spike, Mane 6
Based on Transformers: Beast Wars
Story link(s)
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The Beast Wars are over, Megatron the rogue Predacon leader has been captured, and now the Maximals are heading home to Cybertron. That is until the transwarp drive rebels and threatens to destroy the Maximals.

Now their salvation lies with six rather familiar denizens of another world, but is saving the Maximals really in the best interest of Equestria?


The story takes place at the end of the Beast Wars Series

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