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Baschfire is a male American musician. He primarily composes orchestral music though he has occasionally experimented with other genres such as dubstep and drumstep. Baschfire is known for composing a series of works titled "Epic Final Bosses of Equestria". He is also a member of Silly Filly Studios and was formerly a member of the Super Smash Ponies Developer Team.

List of compositions

Published Title Length Genre Notes
2011-07-31 For Luna 3:00 Orchestral First track in "Luna Orchestral"
2012-02-05 Static Strings -
Vinyl Scratch x Octavia
3:08 Electronic
First track in
"Epic Final Bosses of Equestria Vol. 1"
2012-10-24 Onwards and Upwards!
Battle theme
3:39 Second track in "Suite for Cloudsdale"
2012-12-16 Flutterstomp 2:48 Electronic Third track in "Apple EP"; Collab with F3nning
2013-07-07 Chaotic Fury - Discord 3:49 First track in
"Epic Final Bosses of Equestria Vol. 2"
2013-08-18 Goddess of the Night 3:58 J-Pop First track in "Harmonic Discordance"
Collab with Emichwan88 and Eurobeat Brony
2014-02-01 Seeds of Discord 3:46 First track in "Seeds of Discord EP"
Collab with Emichwan88 and MEMJ
2014-05-24 Fall of the Crystal Empire 10:15 Soundtrack

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