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Other names LittleMonsterRina
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AwkwardMarina is an American musician and voice actress. Her music is generally light-hearted. As a voice actress, her most common role is the voice of Lyra.

Anthropology (Lyra's Song)

My Little Pony: The MUSICAL! Anthropology (Lyra's Song)
Creator(s) AwkwardMarina
Published September 26, 2012
Duration 2:20
Based on Anthropology by JasonTheHuman

Anthropology (Lyra's song) is the most popular song by AwkwardMarina and is inspired by Anthropology, a fanfic by JasonTheHuman.[1]

The song is sung from the perspective of Lyra as she sings about frustrations concerning her anthropologic studies and her fascination with human beings before the focus of the song shifts to her desire to become a human.

Since its upload date, the song has spawned numerous covers, remixes, and music videos. The song was spotlighted on Equestria Daily a day after it was uploaded.[2] The most popular music video is a work in progress by isaiahdjkim. A rough storyboard of the animation has over 900,000 views.[3] It is expected to be uploaded by the end of 2014.[4]

Other compositions

Published Title Length Genre Notes
2012-07-12 Deejay Just Like Me:
Vinyl Scratch's Song
2012-08-07 My Little Pony: The Musical-
No Place Like Ponyville
2012-12-01 My Little Pony THE MUSICAL:
Have You Met This Pony Yet?
2013-04-06 The Olden Pony 3:20
2013-06-08 Sombra's Door 3:18
2014-01-02 Luna's Let It Go 3:45 Parody Ponification of Let It Go
2014-01-10 Entropy -A song about Discord 3:35

Voice work

Published Title Voice Creator Notes
2013-01-27 DIABETUS3 : LYRA Lyra ObisamAnimations
2013-07-17 Scrunch-off Lyra MrPoniator


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