Autumn's Adventure
Autumn's Adventure title screen
Creator(s) AdamMasterArt
Music Wolfenstein 3DO Music
Date published Nov 8th, 2014
Type of game 3D First Person Shooter
Platform/engine PC
Featuring Autumn Breeze
Game link(s)

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Autumn's Adventure is a fan game made by AdamMasterArt for his friend, Shadayloronic. The game was made using the Wolfenstein 3D engine and runs on the ECWolf Source Port.


In Autumn's adventure, your primary objective is to escape the castle by killing enemies, find treasure, find keys, and survive. Just like classic old Wolfenstein 3D


The Game was made durring the late summer of 2014, it was attended to be a gift to Shadayloronic (The Creator of her OC Autumn Breeze). Before Autumn's Adventure was created, AdamMasterArt originally planned on making Project: Zauberkrieg, which was loosely based of the MLP Episode : Magic Duel. But it was later in Development Hell. In November 2014, AdamMasterArt released a 3 level demo of Autumn's Adventure which consisted of 2 normal levels, and the first boss. The Full version of the game is still in Development, with more enemies, new levels, and more.


The Gameplay is basically the same as Wolfenstein 3D, but with new maps and enemies. And runs on the ECWolf engine, which enhances the Wolf3D engine like better control binding, support for wide screen resolutions, and unlimited save slots.


 You are Autumn, an Alicorn who is best friends with Angel and Nocturnus. One day, you were taken by Lord Tirek, and had your powers taken away and was thrown into a prison cell deep below the Castle of the Two Sisters. And it is up to you to escape this madness and take down Tirek!


On the game's Mod DB page, the game demo get's the reception of 3 out of 10.

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Links to Download the game:

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