Aria Blaze
-Rainbow Rocks- Aria Blaze by Mixie Pie
Kind Siren
Sex Female
Fan voice(s) Wubcake
PinkieDash11 (Dumb Times With The Dazzlings)
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Aria Blaze is a female siren and one of the main antagonists in My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks. She is a backup singer in the band, the Dazzlings, rivaling the Rainbooms.


Aria is generally portrayed as having a general negative outlook and displaying a bored demeanor. Additionally, she is commonly shown to be less accepting of Adagio Dazzle's position as leader than Sonata Dusk. She is usually depicted belittling Sonata.

Depiction in fan labor

Aria and the other Dazzlings generally appear in fanfics focusing on the aftermath of Rainbow Rocks. In some of these fanfics, she is often the main instigator of the Dazzlings' breakup either by criticizing Adagio's leadership abilities or by convincing Adagio to abandon Sonata. Occasionally, Aria eventually feels remorse for her treatment of Sonata.[1]


Aria is usually shipped with Sonata Dusk,[2][3] a pairing usually referred to as SonAria.


Aria Blaze by TheTarkaana

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