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Winter Wrap Up - Applejack by Kishmond
Applejack in her Winter Wrap Up gear
Other names AJ, Apple Jack
Kind Earth pony
Sex Female
Fan voice(s) Mirisha Lottich (Journey of the Spark, Turnabout Storm)
Karen Hayman (Fighting is Magic)
Kalyn McCabe (Epic Pony Time)
Jenny Nicholson (Friendship is Witchcraft)
Hannah May (The Adventures of Donut Steel)
FiMFlamFilosopher (The Mentally Advanced Series, Rainbow Dash Presents)
Max Gilardi (PONY.MOV)
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Applejack is one of the main characters of Friendship is Magic. In fan fiction, she is commonly a supporting character or one half of a couple, but rarely the only central character. To a degree, this reflects her role in the show; most of the episodes that prominently feature her also feature one of the other main characters (e.g. Fall Weather Friends and Look Before You Sleep).


In the show, Applejack is shown to be loyal to her friends, friendly, brave and strong. She represents the element of honesty. Fan labor depictions tend largely to stick to that characterization. Her country accent and mannerisms are targets for memes and fan fictions.[FA 1] One of the running gags on the video series Friendship is Witchcraft is Applejack's Southern jargon, and the creators usually introduce several new "catchphrases" for Applejack in every episode. In My Little Pony: Guardian Mares, she is the Guardian Mare form of Emma Sue Luna


Applejack is most commonly shipped with Rainbow Dash[FM-A 1][FF-A 1][FF-A 2] and Rarity[FF-B 1][FF-B 2], ships typically referred to as "AppleDash" and "RariJack", respectively. These ideas originate in the show, where both an athletic rivalry between Applejack and Rainbow Dash has been demonstrated, as well as a clear difference in personality in the way Applejack and Rarity approach physical exertion and getting dirty. The latter may also represent a variation on the common theme of a country "boy" and the city girl getting together despite their differences. Another, somewhat less common, ship involving Applejack is Applejack and Caramel, or CaramelJack.[FF-C 1][FF-C 2][FF-C 3]

Applejack is also occasionally shipped with Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie or Fluttershy. The names of these shippings are "AppleSpark", "Apple Pie" and "AppleShy", respectively. These seem to be the less popular of Applejack shippings.

Beyond that, Applejack is sometimes written as being incestuous in explicit fiction, usually with Big Macintosh, being seen as a "Southerner hick" by some.[FF-D 1]

Non romantic relationships

Applejack's parents have never been shown in the show. This has led some fans to speculate that they are, in fact, dead.[FA 2] Two shooting stars seen flying over her house in the episode Apple Family Reunion are, according to Sibsy, supposed to symbolize her parents.[R 1]

Applejack memes and alternate personalities


Sample Applebucking thighs fanart by artist sundown
Ronin6401Added by Ronin6401

Like Rarity, Applejack in humanized and anthropomorphized fanart is usually depicted as being taller than the other mane 6 although her build varies from slim and lank to athletic and toned.

Several sub-versions of humanized/anthropomorphized Applejack exist as well:


A fan term for humanized/anthropomorphized Applejack fan works that depict her as exceptionally voluptuous or have an otherwise sexual theme to them.

Applebucking Thighs

A fan-given term for art that depicts Applejack as having a pronounced pear body type with wide and very muscular hips and thighs as a result of her "applebucking" harvesting method. Although primarily found in humanized/anthropomorphized works, several pieces of pony fan art have depicted her this way as well.

Best Background Pony

Because Applejack primarily serves a supporting role and has fewer episodes centering around her than the other members of the mane 6, it's become a running gag among the fandom to label her as a background pony. For example, the season two episode The Last Roundup is better known as the first episode in which Derpy Hooves officially spoke and the subsequent controversy her depiction generated.


Applejack broken

Applejack image gallery

See also

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