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And the Rainfall is a male Mexican producer. He is known for his complex approach to composition, frequently blending real instruments with electronic music to create lush and elaborate atmospheric tracks.


He began his musical career with organizing the Bronies United - Equestria Girls Singalong that was published on September 16, 2011. This particular project began on 4chan and saw the participation of 39 different people performing different tasks, with about 36 on vocals. He then began a series of show remixes ('At The Gala' and 'Winter Wrap Up') that featured his electronic production skills. His first original material began with 'Photoshoot'. Later, he was featured on both charity albums for Bronies For Good with 'Family Ways' from Smile! and 'Ponyville Nights' from Seeds of Kindness.

After several additional elaborate original tracks he became the main organizer for the project Sori 52 - a SoGreatandPowerful Tribute. It became the first brony musician tribute album and featured his original track 'Over The Reals'. He later published his long-awaited collaboration with SGaP called Rarity.


  • Bronies United- Equestria Girls Singalong
  • At The Gala (Rainfall Mix)
  • Winter Wrap Up (Sparkle Mix)
  • Photoshoot
    And The Rainfall - Photoshoot06:32

    And The Rainfall - Photoshoot

  • Family Ways from Smile! compilation
  • Ponyville Nights from Seeds of Kindness compilation.
  • Panoramic
  • Zenith (Centuries Since)
  • Over The Reals
  • Blank Pages
  • Summer Sun (Centuries Later)
  • A Prayer for Daylight


  • And The Rainfall - The Romantic Tragedy (ft.Freewave)
    And The Rainfall - The Romantic Tragedy (feat04:21

    And The Rainfall - The Romantic Tragedy (feat. Freewave)

  • Freewave - Be Assertive (ft.And The Rainfall)
  • Tecolotl- Tubby Wubby Pony Waifu (FiMFlamFilosiphy Cover)
  • SoGreatandPowerful + And The Rainfall - Rarity

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