New Relic cover page 2

The Cover page showing Relic.

Ancient Relic is an online comic that mainly focuses around Fluttershy and a new character named Relic. The comic is still ongoing.


This comic takes place some months after the final episode of Season 4, where everything goes back to normal from Tirek's attack. The story is suppose to involve power and courage in Fluttershy's life when she meets up with Relic. Her friendship is also put to the test when another disturbance awakens. It gives her a choice: To be courageous and fight, or run away from it, and abandon her friends.

Comic description


Relic and Fluttershy's first(and embarrassing)encounter.

Into the distance, a little animal is injured. Fluttershy heals the animal and takes it back to its home, and unexpectedly ventures into a world that was lost over time.

She meets Relic, a DragonPony who lives in the forest. A twisted fate wraps around them, and they become friends, unknowing to both of them that Relic’s family holds a dangerous secret…

“Her mission is to free Relic from the forest, and show him the world, but why is he trapped there in the first place…” – Twilight Sparkle

Equestria will be in ruins, because of an unknown secret... That will change Fluttershy, as she finds the meaning of her existence...

Ancestors live once again, and lost tales are told as time repeats itself…


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Phil Rey - Lion Heart - EpicMusicVn



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