An Affliction of the Heart volume Three: Hybrid is the third and final story in the Affliction of the Heart Trilogy, written by Anonymous Pegasus

An Affliction of the Heart Volume Three: Hybrid

Writer(s) Anonymous Pegasus
Date published April 21, 2013
Words 4,340
Status Incomplete
Type/genre Romance, Slice of Life
Featuring Kuno, Warden, Swarm
Part of An Affliction of the Heart Trilogy
Show connection 6 years after The Crystal Empire
Story link(s)
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The Story is told from the POVs of all three chracters so far.


Swarm is the first ever changeling/pony hybrid, child of Warden the pegasus, and Kuno the changeling.

What does life have in store for this unlikely trio?

Twists, for a start!

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