Amazing Pony
Creator(s) thorhajo
Date added Mar 26, 2012
Duration 3:15
Based on Amazing Horse

Amazing Pony is a fanmade animated music video animated and sung by thorhajo. The song used in this video is a ponified version of one of Weebl's famous songs called Amazing Horse. The animation is also very similar to the original it is based on.

Original video

In the original Weebl version, a smartly dressed man riding on a horse approaches a woman standing in a field. The man then starts singing about how amazing his horse is, as well as the things his horse is capable of doing (e.g. turn into a plane). The man then continues to sing as he asks the women to get on his horse so that he can show her the "Universe and all the other places too". The women tries to tell the man that the universe pretty much covers everything, but the man interrupts her as he demands that she get on the horse. The song then loops back to the beginning of the song.

Pony version

In the pony version of Amazing Horse, the main characters are replaced with those from the My Little Pony show. The man is replaced with Discord, the woman by Twilight Sparkle, and the horse is replaced with Derpy Hooves. In terms of the song, it follows the same lyrics part, save for certain key words being replaced to make it more fittingto the theme (e.g. Lemonade is replaced with Cider, Universe is replaced with Equestria, and Winkie is replaced with Pinkie, during which, Pinkie Pie pops into the frame, saying, "Ooh, a party!"). As for the animation, it's an endless loop of Discord shaking Derpy back and forth as he shows her off in front of Twilight Sparkle.

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