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Generally, official names are used in fan fiction, comics, and the labelling of fan art. When season one ended, many background ponies, however, had no official names at all, leading to fans creating their own. Sometimes this led to multiple names being used for some ponies simultaneously, other times one fan name gained more traction - and acceptance - over time than others.

Toy names

Another reason why some ponies have several names: Hasbro occasionally releases toys that strongly resemble background ponies, lend them official names and thus "override" previous fan names. This has been more contentious within the fandom in some cases than others. In cases where fan names are particularly entrenched, they continue to get used in fan labor over the official names.

In at least three cases (Daisy, Rose and Trixie; see below), the names of toys officially released by Hasbro contradict information given directly in the show. Additionally, very few of the toys match their show counterparts exactly, with many having minor differences in, for instance, mane style, mane colors, and the number of objects in a cutie mark. This has led some fans to reject toys as a valid source for names entirely.

List of alternative names

Please note that this list should reflect actual, wide-spread use in fan labor.
Names in bold are used over others by a wide margin.
An asterisk in the fan name column denotes use in an official source.
If you want to add an image, please use the template {{lop|
<name on List of ponies>|<direct image URL>}}.

Show name
Toy name
Fan name
Fan name
Other names
Ambrosia_ID_S2E8.png Ambrosia Cindy Block
Amethyst_Star_id.png Amethyst Star Sparkler
Apple_Fritter_ID_S1E01.png Apple Fritter Apple Strudely Information icon blue
High_Winds.png Ariel High Winds
Aura_ID_S2E6.png Aura Information icon blue Seabreeze Half Note
Yellow_purple_unicorn_Banana_Fluff_down-shot._S2E05.png Banana Fluff Information icon blue Golden Gem Information icon blue
Noble_Laureate_ID_S1E23.png Bastion Yorsets Noble Laureate
Berryshine_id_S1E12.png Berryshine Berry Punch Information icon blue Pinot Noir Information icon blue
Sweetie_Drops_ID_S1E01.png Sweetie Drops Bon Bon Information icon blue
Crafty_Crate_ID_S1E15.png Boxxy Brown Pete Crafty Crate Information icon blue
Candy_Mane_id.png Candy Mane Sugarcoat
Caramel_ID_S1E26.png Caramel Chance-A-Lot Information icon blue
Big_McIntosh_lookalike_with_Caramel_color_scheme_opening_sequence.png Chance-A-Lot Information icon blue Creme Brulee
Cherry_Berry_id_S01E22.png Cherry Berry Cherry Cherries Jubilee
Cherry_Fizzy_id.png Cherry Fizzy Cherry Coke Cherry Cola
Crescent_Sparkle.png Crescent Sparkle Night Light Lightshine
Daisy_ID_S1E01.png Daisy Flower Wishes
DJ_Pon-3_square_no_watermark.png DJ Pon3* Information icon blue Vinyl Scratch Information icon blue
Derpy_flying_around_in_Cloudsdale_ID_S1E16.png Ditzy Doo,
Derpy Information icon blue
Derpy Hooves* Derpy Doo Information icon blue, Bubbles, Bubblehead, Stoneface, Ditzy Information icon blue
Pretty_Vision_ID_S1E20.png Elsie Suity Voyage Pretty Vision
Fleetfoot_S02E09.png Fleetfoot Echo Fleetfoot
Crystal_Clear_id_S1E23.png Crystal Clear Banana Fluff Information icon blue

Golden Gem, Lonsdaleite

Golden_Harvest_ID_S1E06.png Golden Harvest Carrot Top Information icon blue
Goldengrape_id_S1E7.png Goldengrape Green Grapes Colton Vines Information icon blue
Mr._Greenhooves_ID_S1E15.png Mr. Greenhooves Hayseed Gramps
Parish_Nandermane_id_S1E26.png Harpo Parish Nadermane Information icon blue Strings McGee
Lily.png Lily Valley Lily
Lotus_Blossom_id_S1E9.png Lotus Blossom Lotus
Lyra_Heartstrings_id.png Lyra Heartstrings, Heartstrings Lyra
Mjolna_in_crowd_S02E15.png Mjölna Sandy
Telegram_delivery_pony_S2E14.png Love Letter Post Haste
Lucky_closeup_S1E11.png Lucky Clover Lucky Clover
Magnum_id_S2E5.png Magnum Information icon blue Carlton
Meadow_Song_ID_S1E21.png Meadow Song Blue Grass Leeroy Wingkins Information icon blue Guitar,
Yellow Burst
Merry_May_id_S1E16.png Merry May Flora
Key_Lime_ID_S2E23.png Mintleaf Key Lime
Minuette_id_S2E3.png Minuette Colgate Romana Aquafresh, Minty Fresh, TARDIE
Misty_Fly_id_S1E26.png Misty Fly Misty Aerial Ace Blue Blazer, Ice Wind
Rising_Star_ID_S4E20.png Rising Star Information icon blue Neon Lights MC W1SH Information icon blue
Noteworthy_singing_S1E11.png Noteworthy Blues
Parasol_helps_set_up_the_clouds_S1E08.png Parasol Showers Skirtsy
Peachy_Sweet_ID_S1E21.png Peachy Sweet Ruby Rhubarb Tarte Tatin
Pi%C3%B1a_Colada_S1E12.png Piña Colada Paradise Information icon blue Apple Core Information icon blue
Princess_Erroria_id_S1E12.png Princess Erroria Information icon blue Alula Pluto
Score_ID_S1E16.png Quarterback Score
Rainbowshine_watching_Rarity_S1E16.png Rainbowshine Rainbow Day Bubble Gabble
Rose_id_S2E19.png Rose Roseluck
Roy_G._Bow_S01E16.png Rainbow Swoop Roy G. Bow Spectrum Roy G. Biv
Screwball_id.png Screwball Topsy Turvy
Sea_Swirl.png Sea Swirl Seafoam Dolphin Dream
Shoeshine_id.png Shoeshine Linky Cormana Information icon blue
Dr._Hooves_ID_S1E12.png Time Turner, Information icon blue
Doctor Hooves, Information icon blue
Doctor Whooves
Doctor Whoof Sepia Tock Doctor Whoove,
The Doctor
Tornado_Bolt_id_S1E12.png Tornado Bolt Twisty Doo Little Hoof Information icon blue
Trixie_on_stage_ID_S1E06.png Trixie Lulamoon,
Trixie Lulamoon
Twinkleshine.png Twinkleshine Twinkle Moondancer Information icon red

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