Allyster Black
Be All You Can't Be
Other names Total Krazen, "Allystorm" - Given by Sethisto
Active since March 2009
Known as Artist for Equestria Daily
Voice actor
Public speaker

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Allyster Black is a My Little Pony community artist from Joplin, Missouri. Being well known in the Fallout Equestria sub-fandom Allyster has made it to where he is now by posting images of their iconic characters. Blackjack and Littlepip being the characters of most of his illustrations.

Outside of Fallout Equestria, Allyster works as an artist for Equestria Daily where he makes images for articles, site assets, and drawings for the EQD Mascots "Spotlight & Rocket." Also attending conventions throughout the year doing interviews and meeting other fans.

In addition to Equestria Daily, Allyster has also worked in collaboration with many other artists and groups making original content.

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“My name is Allyster Black, I am a professional artist from Joplin MO with many different roles around the web. I work primarily as a cartoonist for the My Little Pony Community where I am the artist for the largest MLP site on the web, Equestria Daily. Another site I work for is Celestia Radio, an MLP themed radio service that streams music, shows, and events 24/7. Outside of the internet, I attend conventions year round all over the US. At these conventions, I host events, run panels, and sell my art. When I am not doing pony stuff I am working on animations, games, and working as a freelance 2D and 3D artist.”

Short history

Starting back in late 2008, Allyster worked as a freelance 3D artist in the online virtual reality video game Second Life. Selling premium scripted objects on the marketplace to pay his bills. In early 2011 a few of his friends from the game had got him to watch the show. In 2014 Allyster began drawing and posting ponies on His first illustration being Every year, to commemorate another year of drawing Allyster posts a compilation of some of his illustrations for that year. Year One, Year Two

Art style

With no prior 2D experience, Allyster had to learn illustration from scratch. With his first illustration on DeviantART of a pony holding a bear. (linked above) and his most recent can be found here.

His commission info can be found here

Fan labor

Art releases

External links

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