Age of Equestria: The Return of Tambelon
AOE Chapter 25

Writer(s) MelSpyRose111
Status unfinished
Type/genre Adventure / Drama / Comedy / Romance / Alternate Universe
Featuring Midnight Shade, Blaze, Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle
Based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

 Age of Equestria: The Return of Tambelon is a MLP fan fiction created by fan artist, MelSpyRose111. It is a grand adventure story about a unicorn stallion named, Midnight Shade and his dragon friend, Blaze, who go out on a quest to save Equestria from the evil Grogar. The creator is currently working on it and is planning to make it into an audio drama. It will be released next year from 2018 to 2019.


When a great evil plans to dominate the world of Equestria, a hero will be chosen to save ponykind and his friends will be there for him to stop the evil one.

Original synopsis by MelSpyRose111


Chapter 1: The Story Begins

As the story begins, we get a backstory that explains how many years ago Equestria was threatened by the evil demonic ram, Grogar, who wanted to destroy all ponies and dominate the world. Starswirl the Bearded tried to fight Grogar and his undead army, but his magic was no match for him. Unable to stop Grogar, Starswirl fled to the Everfree Forest where eventually Celestia and Luna's parents, King Cosmos and Queen Galaxia, were there to support the unicorn wizard by giving him the Elements of Harmony. Starswirl used the Elements of Harmony to defeat Grogar by imprisoning him inside a magic mirror before banishing him to the City of Tambelon. After he was victorious, Starswirl the Bearded served Princess Celestia and Luna until he vanished and was never seen again. A prophecy was foretold that if Grogar would ever return from being imprisoned, he could only be defeated when the power of friendship rings the Bell of Freedom.

Centuries later, a traveling donkey named Bray discovers the lost city of Tambelon before he goes inside the fortress to investigate. At the top of the tower, he finds an old office filled with dark magic spell books and starts to read them before hearing a demonic voice. Bray feels the presence of an evil creature before he meets Grogar for the first time. He tells the frightened donkey that he had been trapped inside the magic mirror for thousands of years before he convinces Bray to set him free so that he can join him as his new henchman. Bray agrees before he uses a dark magic spell book to set Grogar free from imprisonment.

Cut to Town Snowdrop (a village named after Princess Luna's friend, Snowdrop), where we're introduced to the main characters, Midnight Shade and Blaze. Midnight is a gifted unicorn who dreams of one day becoming a hero while Blaze is a young female dragon who became Midnight's adopted sister after she was saved from the bitter cold. The two went to go buy some more gemstones at the Diamond Store, but after Blaze caused a lot of trouble (due to her hunger and craving for gems) they get kicked out of the store. Midnight and Blaze decide to go visit their father, Steel Mustang, a unicorn who works as a blacksmith. He gives them a bucket of gems and Midnight starts to daydream about the adventures of Twilight Sparkle and her friends.

Meanwhile, at the Celestial Kingdom, King Cosmos and Queen Galaxia have found out that Grogar has been set free from his bondage. They hire one of their angels, Angelus, to go down to the mortal world so that he can send some pony to Canterlot and warn Princess Celestia and Luna about the Necromancer's plan for revenge. One night, Angelus meets Midnight Shade in his dreams and tells him to go to Canterlot and warn Princess Celestia about Grogar's return before the unicorn wakes up from his dream. Midnight Shade explains to his parents what happened in his dream, but Blaze doubted that he really saw such an angel. Steel Mustang and Frost Flight believed that this was a sign from the Celestial Kingdom. Midnight Shade asks if he and Blaze can go to the train station in order to make their way to Canterlot. The parents don't want to lose their son, but Midnight promises them that he and Blaze will be safe on their journey promises that he'll make them proud. The next day, Midnight Shade says goodbye to his parents before he and Blaze take their saddlebags and leave Town Snowdrop. As they travel to the train station, Midnight Shade and Blaze make their way through a blizzard until they've found shelter inside a cave, where it turns out that a giant polar bear was sleeping. When Midnight Shade and Blaze accidentally wake up the giant polar bear, they run for their lives before they manage to escape from the predator when Angelus comes to the rescue. He brings them safely to the train station before Angelus says that he'll meet the heroes once they have reached their destination. Our heroes hop aboard the train, they fall asleep during transportation until they eventually arrived at Ponyville the next day.

Chapter 2: New Faces in Ponyville

Midnight Shade and Blaze have gotten out of the train before they decide to explore around Ponyville, where they'll eventually get to meet Princess Twilight Sparkle and her dragon assistant, Spike, at a park. Midnight Shade and Blaze introduce themselves before Twilight and Spike invite them to the Castle of Friendship where she introduces our main characters to her friends, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity and her student, Starlight Glimmer. Twilight Sparkle and her friends get to know the newcomers before Midnight suddenly remembers why he left Town Snowdrop to begin with. He asks Twilight Sparkle if she knows anything about an evil ram named, Grogar, and Twilight says that he's only a myth from an old legend. However, Twilight and her friends get more proof that Grogar really does exist when Angelus makes an appearance. Angelus tells our main heroes that he's been sent by the Alicorn King and Queen to warn Princess Celestia about the return of Grogar and then he tells them to go to Canterlot before Angelus uses his angelic powers to disappear. Midnight Shade explains to Twilight and her friends that him and Blaze have been sent to warn Princess Celestia. Twilight orders Spike to send a message to her while she looks for a history book about Grogar. Suddenly, the Crystal Mirror magically opens up a portal before Sunset Shimmer makes an appearance. Twilight Sparkle was unable to find a history book about Grogar before she reunites with Sunset Shimmer, who came back from the human world so that she can go to Canterlot to make amends with Princess Celestia for her past sins.

Midnight Shade gets to meet Sunset Shimmer for the first time before he develops a huge crush on her. Spike introduces himself to Blaze before he asks her if she can play a board game with him. Blaze accepts and the two young dragons pick out a board game called, "Game of Ponies" (a parody to Game of Thrones). Midnight Shade tries to impress Sunset Shimmer by showing her his magical talents and skills and then he tries to woo her by speaking in poetry and offering her flowers. Sunset Shimmer starts to question why Midnight Shade wants to spend time with her, but she eventually accepts Midnight as her new friend and the two unicorns get to know each other. Later that day, Starlight Glimmer receives a note from her childhood friend, Sunburst, telling her that she needs to go to the Crystal Empire alone to help him with his unfinished spells. Starlight, knowing that Twilight Sparkle would feel worried about her student if she went out alone, decides to ask Pinkie Pie to inform the others that she's going to visit her friend alone. Spike burps out a letter from Princess Celestia before he hands it to Twilight Sparkle. The letter tells Twilight that she and her friends must go to Canterlot and meet Princess Celestia and her sister, Princess Luna, at the throne room so that they can know more about Grogar. Twilight Sparkle and her friends make their way to Canterlot, but not before they invite Sunset Shimmer, Midnight Shade, and Blaze to come along. Sunset is worried that Celestia might not forgive her after all the mean things she's done in the past, but Twilight reassures her that she will be forgiven anytime soon. Spike begins to flirt with Rarity and Blaze can't help but find it weird that a young dragon like him would have affections for a unicorn mare. When the main characters make their way to Canterlot, they go to the royal castle where Twilight tells Sunset Shimmer to wait in the castle halls with Spike and Fluttershy while she and the others go to have a meeting with Celestia and Luna.

Meanwhile, Starlight Glimmer is wandering around the Crystal Empire while looking for Sunburst. She asks the crystal ponies where he could be and they say that Sunburst might be busy collecting spell books inside the library. Starlight begins to search for her childhood friend at the library before she got lost while searching for Sunburst. Starlight tried to find her way out, when suddenly the lights turned off, making it difficult for the unicorn to see. She was rummaging around in the dark, when she heard whispering in the library. Starlight tries her best not to panic before she hears evil laughter and then, a dark shadow grabs her by the tail, causing Starlight to scream before the forces of darkness swallow her down into a black portal. When the shadow demons vanish once they have abducted Starlight Glimmer, the lights suddenly turn back on as if nothing ominous had happened.

Chapter 3: A Time for a Recruit

Back at Canterlot, Twilight Sparkle tells her friends to stay with Sunset Shimmer while she, Midnight Shade, and Blaze go to the throne room to inform Celestia and Luna that a great evil might be on its way to threaten all of Equestria. The Mane 5 and Spike agreed to stay and keep Sunset Shimmer safe until she is ready to make amends with Celestia. At the throne room, Twilight introduces Blaze and Midnight to the Two Sisters before the newcomers start to tell the princesses about Grogar's return and his plot to rid the world of ponykind and magic. This horrifies Celestia and Luna before they get a flashback: when they were young, they were under the supervision and care of Starswirl the Bearded, who accepted their parent's proposal to guide them while they leave the world of Equestria to let their daughters be the next rulers of the sun and moon. Unfortunately, after they had defeated Lord Tirek and imprisoned him into Tartarus for all eternity, Grogar came back to seek revenge on them, including the unicorn wizard. Celestia and Luna even remembered the haunting words from Grogar, that he will not rest until all of Equestria, that is full of magic and is inhabited by ponies, has been exterminated and a new empire will be built with 'Tambelon' as it's capital and Grogar as it's emperor of eternal darkness.

The Two Sisters reacted with horror, worry and devastation before Celestia and Luna demanded to know how or why Midnight Shade was able to find out what was going on and what was about to happen at the ancient city that no pony remembers now. That's when Angelus appears out of no where he reveals himself to Celestia and Luna and they recognized him as the Angel of Equestria, the one who serves their immortal parents, Queen Galaxia and King Cosmos, who have been separated from their children (Princess Celestia and Princess Luna) for over two thousand decades because their time had come to fulfill their destiny as two deities meant to rule the Celestial Kingdom, a place where ponies, animals, and other creatures go once they die.


Midnight Shade - The main protagonist; A brave and gifted unicorn who wants to become a hero by joining the Mane 6 on their adventures so that he can one day become known to all as Equestria's greatest knight. Despite being socially awkward towards others, he is heroic and he has a good heart.

Blaze - A baby female dragon with tiny wings and a hot temper. She is Midnight's adopted sister and best friend since he was the one who saved her from getting frozen outside in the blizzard near Town Snowdrop (a snow-covered village named after Princess Luna's friend, Snowdrop), before she hatched from her dragon egg. Blaze knows how to breathe fire, but she does have trouble grasping her ability to fly.



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Age of Equestria The Return of Tambelon Trailer

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