Age of Equestria: The Return of Tambelon
AOE Chapter 25

Writer(s) MelSpyRose111
Status unfinished
Type/genre Adventure / Drama / Comedy / Romance / Alternate Universe
Featuring Midnight Shade, Blaze, Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle
Based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

 Age of Equestria: The Return of Tambelon is a MLP fan fiction created by fan artist, MelSpyRose111. It is a grand adventure story about a unicorn stallion named, Midnight Shade and his dragon friend, Blaze, who go out on a quest to save Equestria from the evil Grogar. The creator is currently working on it and is planning to make it into an audio drama. It will be released next year from 2018 to 2019.


When a great evil plans to dominate the world of Equestria, a hero will be chosen to save ponykind and his friends will be there for him to stop the evil one.

Original synopsis by MelSpyRose111


A Wizard's Prologue

Starswirl the Bearded begins the narration of the story as he explains how many centuries ago, the land of Equestria had been threatened by an evil demonic ram named, Grogar, before he was eventually defeated when Starswirl and the Pillars used the Elements of Harmony to banish him to the Void, by trapping him inside a magic mirror and imprisoning him into the highest tower at the City of Tambelon, in hopes that the evil Grogar should remain trapped for all eternity. After Starswirl and his legendary comrades have succeeded in saving Princess Celestia and Princess Luna's kingdom, they have dedicated their lives on using the Elements of Harmony to protect and serve Equestria until the day that they have all but vanished after defeating the Pony of Shadows. However, before the Pillars of Equestria have disappeared, a prophecy had been foretold by the Alicorn King and Queen that if Grogar should ever return from his imprisonment, then he can only be stopped when a group of brave little ponies reform and reunite together in Tambelon before they can unleash the Power of Friendship and cause the Bell of Freedom to ring in order to destroy the very source of Grogar's dark magic. The prophecy also says that a new hero will be chosen to save the world from the Master of Necromancy himself before the prologue ends as the scene faded to black.

Chapter 1: The Story Begins

Somewhere in a place far away from the Crystal Empire, where Princess Cadence lives with her Royal Family, we cut to a snow-covered village where we are introduced to the main protagonists: Midnight Shade-A gifted unicorn stallion who dreams about one day becoming Equestria's greatest knight and Blaze: An adopted sister of Midnight Shade who had been rescued from the blizzard when she was an egg and a young female dragon with tiny wings and the ability to breathe fire and keep the house warm. with tiny wings and a hot temper. Midnight Shade and Blaze are similar to both Princess Twilight Sparkle and Spike, but unlike them, Midnight Shade and Blaze have never been over to Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns to make friends and study magic, history, and science. Instead, they were born and raised in Town Snowdrop, which was named after Snowdrop the blind pegasus who invented The First Winter Snow and was a close friend of Princess Luna during her time before being banished to the moon. One morning, both Midnight Shade and Blaze went to buy more gemstones at the Diamond Market, but when they got into crazy shenanigans due to the fact that dragons crave and eat gemstones, they get kicked out for getting in trouble with the public store before eventually moving on to visit their dad, Steel Mustang the blacksmithing unicorn, at his shop called, The Metallic Stallion.