A slice of life: Octavia
A slice of life Octavia Cover by Dreatos
Writer/artist Dreatos
Date published July 6, 2011
Pages 04
Featuring Octavia

A slice of life: Octavia is a fanmade comic series drawn by Dreatos. The four part silent comic involves Octavia as a filly being told by an off-screen pony to play the cello while Octavia tries her best to avoid playing the cello anyway she can.


A slice of life Octavia Pic1 by Dreatos
The comic starts with a young Octavia being persuaded by an off-screen pony to play the cello shown before her. After a short argument, Octavia trys to get up onto the stool to help her play the huge cello getting stuck half way, after getting a boost she sits on the stool showing her great disgust for the cello.

A slice of life Octavia Pic2 by Dreatos
Octavia then asks for her music which she begins to study before singing out the notes aloud before being scolded by the off-screen pony to use the cello given to her, she then begins to try to play the cello needing another boost due to her being too short to reach the strings. As she badly attempts to play the cello, she starts to become ever-more frustrated before aggressively playing on one of the strings which causes it to snap. This angers the off-screen pony who sends her to the corner as punishment. However this makes Octavia happy.

A slice of life Octavia Pic3 by Dreatos
When Octavia gets out of punishment, she happily walks pass the broken cello. She mocks the damage she has caused as she continues to walk away. Some time passes by and when Octavia walks pass the cello again she notices that in her absance the cello got fixed, the comic then ends with the off-screen pony telling Octavia to play the cello again which Octavia does bitterly.

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