A Sailor's Notes
Writer(s) Thunderblast
Date published May 23rd, 2016
Words 26,818
Status On Hiatus
Type/genre Teen, adventure, AU
Featuring Anchorage
Part of Millennia Saga (spinoff)
Based on Millennia: Beginning
Story link(s)
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A Sailor's Notes is a story written by Thunderblast and a spinoff prequel to the Millennia Saga as a one-time story.


In the small seaside town of Gander Cove, Anchorage, a teenage pegasus, leaves school one afternoon, then heads to his favorite spot to relax: the town's marina, where he observes passing boats and listens to the ocean. He is interrupted by his mother, who scolds him for being back at the harbor, and Anchorage heads home.

Returning to his house, Anchorage goes up to his room to work on one of his latest sketches, when his mother arrives with groceries. He helps her out, and the two talk about school, when Anchorage brings up his mother disliking him visiting the marina. The two talk it out, calming any tension the two had with each other on the matter.

That evening, Sea Current, Anchorage's father and a sailor in the Equestrian Navy, returns home from work, finding Anchorage in their basement, once more on his personal "bridge", a desk with a maritime radio receiver and real-time ship radar. He accidentally startles Anchorage, whom apologizes for using the tech. The two head back upstairs to have dinner.

At the table, Sea talks about his day at work, as well as a new destroyer is being sent to Gander Cove, and an event to determine who will be the ship's captain. Anchorage becomes excited, fully comprehending his dream later in life.


  • Anchorage: The main character, a greyish-white pegasus with a deep interest in the ocean and marine vessels.
  • Hazy Brook: Anchorage's mother, worried for her son when he hangs out near the town's marina after school.
  • Sea Current: Anchorage's father, a pegasus sailor in the Equestrian Navy. He cares for his son as best as possible when he is home, and always misses his family when he must deploy.

Secondary Characters

  • Misty: The first of Anchorage's three friends, also a filly he has a slight crush on, but not big enough to fall through with. She is tough and intelligent, according to him.
  • Vixen: A smart, yet athletic colt, the second of Anchorage's three friends.
  • Azeruth: The third of Anchorage's three friends. A slightly larger colt, and also popular at their school.
  • Reveille: The Lieutenant Commander of the Junior Officer Naval Reserves, a program for youth based out of Alderneigh.

Minor Characters

  • Cobalt: The school bully. He constantly nags at Anchorage in an attempt to break him, failing each time thanks to Anchorage's collected attitude.


The story has, so far, received positive reception with 7 likes and 0 dislikes. It also has 204 views and over 1,300 total views. It is praised for world-building and pacing, but criticized for infrequent updates.

Potential sequel/spinoff

Thunderblast has mentioned in October 2017 that he shows interest in writing a naval drama in the future that centers around Anchorage, and that if he decides to write it, it will be "a while" after the completion of the Millennia Saga, and especially A Sailor's Notes, which has not been updated since April. He has not released any further details since.


  • A Sailor's Notes is a direct spinoff/side story to Millennia: Beginning.
    • Rather than centering around Star Shooter, it centers around a younger Anchorage, a pony who first appears in Beginning as a sailor in the Lunar Navy, set after the events of A Sailor's Notes.
    • Like Millennia, ASN takes place in first-person POV.
    • While it is meant to somewhat be a part of the Millennia Saga, only Ashfall will make an appearance.
  • Thunderblast was inspired to write A Sailor's Notes while on vacation in Myrtle Beach, SC, primarily due to the fact he was lodging right on the ocean.
  • Because it is meant to be a sole story telling Anchorage's early life in detail, and because Anchorage is portrayed as a recurring main character in the Millennia Saga, Thunderblast has insisted he has no plans for any sequels.
  • On August 16th, 2017, Thunderblast lowered the story's rating from 'Mature' to 'Teen'.

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