A Night To Remember

LenToTo's "MLP-Titanic"
A Night To Remember
Icaron's "A Night To Remember"
Creator(s) LenToTo (original)
Icaron (remake)
Date added October 23, 2011 (original)
May 24, 2012 (remake)
Duration ~2:50
Status Complete
Type/genre Drama
Based on Titanic by James Cameron

A Night To Remember is a shot-for-shot remake by Icaron of a video made by LenToTo.


The original video was posted on October 23, 2011, but taken down some time later. Both videos are based on the 1997 movie Titanic by James Cameron and A Night To Remember (an earlier Hollywood adaptation also depicting the sinking of the Titanic produced by William MacQuitty in 1958); Icaron's video takes it title from the latter movie. LenToTo's video is a motion comic consisting of hand-drawn still pictures, Icaron's was made in Adobe Flash. Both feature a remastered version of the song "キセキ (Kiseki)" by GReeeen. The videos have no voice acting whatsoever and lack any verbal narrative, choosing instead to convey the story via some very limited animation. Icaron's version features several OCs of other fans as backgound charachters. It was posted May 24, 2012 and has since seen an update fixing a lagging framerate. It is a shipping story between Lyra and Bon Bon.


The story more closely follows that of the movie Titanic than it does A Night To Remember even going as far as assigning the roles of Lyra and Bon Bon to parody the moments of Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater/Dawson respectively. The story starts off with Bon Bon standing on the opposite side of the railing at the helm of the Titanic Trottingham (presumably to commit suicide) when Lyra appears behind her playing a lyre. The two ponies can then later be doing things such as laughing together, dancing together to music being played by Applejack and Big Mac, Lyra drawing Bon Bon lying on a couch naked, and finally, kissing.

The ship then crashes into a giant iceberg and all the ponies on board panic at first and then are all seen crying after realizing their all doomed. As the ship sinks into the ocean, Octavia and the rest of the band from the episode The Best Night Ever continue playing music. Lyra and Bon Bon exchange another glance as the ship rapidly sinks into the sea.

The last few seconds of the animation then show Lyra in the water holding hooves with Bon Bon who is floating on a large piece of driftwood, only strong enough to keep one pony afloat, with the sun setting in the background. The final frames of the animation show Bon Bon alone with Lyra nowhere to be seen.

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