A Mending Soul
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Writer(s) Torrenta
Date published 1/25/2014
Words 157,064
Status Incomplete
Type/genre Adventure/Romance
Featuring All canon MLP characters

A Mending Soul is a Fanfiction novel written by Torrenta. The story follows a collection of interdimensional travelers on their journey to fight evil throughout the multiverse; however, it specifically follows the events surrounding the My Little Pony dimension.


The style of "A Mending Soul" is perhaps slightly different from most other fanfictions in the way that it is based in a multiverse where multiple other stories exist. For example, the multiverse not only contains the My Little Pony dimension, but also contains the Doctor Who dimension, the Star Wars dimension, the Star Trek dimension, the Looking Glass Wars dimension, etc. The protagonists of the story can travel through the dimensions with ease, and thus references to many other storylines other than the "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" are made.


Part 1:

The story starts out following a human interdimensional traveler named Joseph Torrus, a good-turned-bad superhero. After killing his only friend on accident, he stumbles into the My Little Pony dimension in an attempt to escape the horrors of what he had just done. During this time, a demon, who had been previously defeated by Joseph, breaks free from a prison just after Joseph kills his friend, and goes on a search for vengeance against the one who had imprisoned him. Meanwhile, Joseph finds himself now trapped in the My Little Pony dimension in the form of a Alicorn. Somehow his powers of instantaneous travel and his shape-shifting abilities had been stripped from him. Now stuck, Joseph decides to commit suicide and end it all. However, just before he does, the Cutie Mark Crusaders interrupt him and ask him who he is. Joseph Torrus comes up with the name "Sunset Shadow," and chooses to prevent his self-induced demise so that he can travel with the Cutie Mark Crusaders into Ponyville. When he does go, he encounters Pinkie Pie and Twilight. Twilight becomes increasingly excited about Sunset being an Alicorn, and this prompts Sunset to flee without the guidance from the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Unable to find where he had originally arrived in Ponyville, and with the weather getting increasingly worse, Sunset stops at Fluttersh'y cottage to ask for directions. Fluttershy insists he stay the night, and Sunset does so. The next day, Fluttershy convinces Sunset to go on a picnic with her, and the two spend the rest of the day outside. Suddenly, however, it begins to rain, and the two take refuge under a tree. They stay there for the remainder of the night. The very next day, the two go back to where Sunset had originally arrived, only to find the rest of the Mane 6 awaiting them, looking for Sunset. Twilight convinces Sunset to accompany her and her friends to meet with Princess Celestia and Princess Luna at Canterlot Castle. After a bit of convincing, Sunset agrees to go. On the train ride, however, he attempts to escape, but is talked out of it by Twilight and Fluttershy. Sunset then admits that he had come to the My Little Pony dimension to commit suicide. Twilight and Fluttershy are shocked, but accept him as a friend anyway. The group arrives at Canterlot, where Sunset discovers that Discord too is a interdimensional traveler. At this time, Sunset makes a full confession to Princess Celestia. Sunset then discovers that he is part of a prophecy to fight a demon that would come the My Little Pony universe and lay waste to it. This demon coincidentally is Abbadon, the demon that Joseph had imprisoned a while ago, and who had now broken free. The story then skips a couple of months ahead to where Fluttershy is telling Sunset about the Grand Galloping Gala, which he will be attending with the rest of the Mane 6. Later they meet up with Twilight who warn them that there had been a threat made against Canterlot from the Changelings. Nevertheless, the group goes on an over-night trains to the Grand Galloping Gala. Sunset awakes the next morning feeling that something is amiss, but is not sure what it is. Later he discovers that the reason he had felt suspicious was that because some of the Mane 6 had been replaced by Changelings. These, and a large army of Changelings who had been lying in wait, then attacked Canterlot. Despite the fact that it took an incredible amount of self-control, Sunset manages to defeat the Changelings without any deaths. He then tracks down a Changeling back to the Changeling fortress where he defeats Queen Chrysalis and frees the members of the Mane 6 who had been imprisoned. At this time, Abbadon learns of the location of Sunset and sets off to confront him. Meanwhile Sunset nurses Fluttershy back to health, and the two consequently fall in love. Abbadon then enters the My Little Pony universe and attempts to destroy the Crystal Empire. Sunset answers the empire's call for help and engages Abbadon in a different dimension to reduce the amount of damage done to the My Little Pony universe. Sunset manages once again to imprison Abbadon, but is mortally wounded in the process. Sunset dies. However, he is then brought to life and brought back to the My Little Pony universe by the mysterious being called the Paradox, who says that his time for being a hero is not yet over. Sunset then proposes to Fluttershy, and she says yes.

Part 2:

The story then jumps two years ahead and shifts over to focus on another interdimensional traveler named Abimael "James" Sethson. Abimael is on a easy-come-easy-go mission to dismantle a bomb factory. Unfortunately, this quick little mission turns into a massive ambush that ends up wih Abimael's team dead. Absolutely shocked by the turn of events, Abimael goes into self-exile in the My Little Pony dimension to hide himself from his failure. Abimael then encounters Sunset, who recognizes Abimael. After briefly updating Sunset on the events that had transpired, and coming to the realization that all the interdimensional heroes were now dead, Abimael decides to become a pony and stay in the My Little Pony dimension. Abimael then takes on the name "Flaming Star." As these events transpire, the commander-in-chief of Hell, Legion, awakens and prepares to destroy all that is good. He turns his attention to the My Little Pony dimension, knowing that is contains the tree of Harmony, and sends a demon squadron to lay waste to the dimension. Flaming Star then goes with Twilight to Canterlot to talk to Princess Celestia. During this time, Twilight and Flaming Star begin to bond, and they become quite close. However, after a run-in with Prince Blueblood, Flaming Star becomes unsure of himself, and he begins to doubt his own motives. Nevertheless, he doesn't have much time to comprehend this issue because the squadron Legion sent attacks Canterlot castle, and Flaming Star leaps into action to protect it. He kills the demons and saves everyone, but Twilight is badly hurt in the process. At the same time, another group of demons attack Ponyville, where Sunset, Celestia, and the rest of the Mane 6 are at. They too manage to defeat the demons, but Sunset spares their leader, telling him to warn Legion against further attacks. The demon does so, and is promptly killed by his leader. Legion then decides it would be best to attack from a different angle. By this he meant sending a interdimensional rogue to kill Flaming Star. The rogue, who turned out to be Flaming Star's nephew, agreed to Legion's terms and attacked Flaming Star, Cadence, and Shining Armor, as Flaming Star was helping Twilight heal. Flaming Star began to battle the rogue, who's names was Regal Crescent, and managed to defeat him and lock him away. As this happened, it became apparent that Regal Crescent had been in love with Princess Luna some time ago. Luna, who still loved Regal Crescent, helps bring the rogue back to the light. As this was occurring, Legion got a vision from a hideous being, who coerced the commander-in-chief to perform a part in a special plan. Terrified of the apparition, Legion agrees to the being's request, and attacks Ponyville himself. He is confronted by Flaming Star, Sunset Shadow, the Mane 6, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and Regal Crescent (who was now reformed), and they battle it out. Unfortunately, Legion almost became victorious, if not for Regal Crescent, who sacrificed his life to kill the demon. As Legion dies, he lies to his superiors, telling them that he was successful. Then Legion says that the Paradox had better come through for him.

Part 3:

The story then jumps ahead another year and shifts its focus once again to a different group of beings. This group is a team of three interdimensional travelers: Night Shade, Franklin Montgomery, and Daniel Dragoon. They are called the Brothers in Arms corps. These three are hiding from a disastrous demon attack when they encounter a strange yet powerful being who can shape-shift and adapt powers. The being tries to bring them over to the demon's side, but is killed by Franklin. On close inspection, Daniel declares that the being was from another multiverse entirely. The group then go on a journey to figure out what was going on. Meanwhile, another interdimensional traveler shows up in the My Little Pony dimension: Miranda. Miranda goes to Sunset and Flaming Star and tells them that the demons had a plan to have Legion send a massive army of monsters to destroy the My Little Pony dimension. This causes great concern because the plan never came to pass, implying that Legion had double-crossed his superiors to carry out some other plan. However, they are not able to ask any more of Miranda, because she passes out from a great amount of wounds she had received at the demons' hands. Flaming Star and Twilight take Miranda to the doctor, and he revives her, but the wounds were too great and Miranda goes insane. About the same time Daniel of the Brothers in Arms corps decides that to find out what was going on with the other-multidimensional creature, they needed to capture an arch-demon to force out the information, so they do so. It was very close, but they manage to knock one unconscious and bring it to their safe house before they can be pursued. The Brothers in Arms corps then glean from the demon that the My Little Pony dimension was going to be destroyed by Legion and his armies. Thinking that this could be the first step to hunting down Legion and killing him, Daniel orders Night Shade to go to the "destroyed" My Little Pony universe to see if he could find traces of Legion and his army. During this time, the Summer Harvest Parade comes about in Ponyville, and it is revealed by Rainbow Dash and Spike that Princess Celestia will be attending the event with a float of her own. Flaming Star and Twilight set about making their own float, while Sunset and the Cutie Mark Crusaders do the same. The event arrives, and Flaming Star and Twilight get to have their float right next to Celestia's during the procession. It is lucky that they did, because an assassination attempt happens just as the Summer Harvest Parade begins. Flaming Star foils the attempt and captures one of the assassins. Flaming Star, Twilight, and Celestia interrogate the assassin by fooling him into thinking they were going to torture him and learn that he had been hired by a foreign power, the Irrum-Equus Alliance, to kill Equestria's royalty. Celestia immediately calls a Summit meeting with the Irrum-Equus Alliance, the Crystal Empire, and Saddle Arabia to discuss this act of hostility. The Irrum-Equus Alliance gives Equestria an absurd ultimatum that is impossible to agree to, so that they might incite war with Equestria. The Summit meeting is dismissed, and Celestia declares that they have no other choice but to go to war. Flaming Star suggests that they send diplomats to the neighboring country, Bray, to have talks about an alliance while he and Twilight fortify the Frozen North where the Freezelock Pass, the only way to enter Equestria, is. Celestia agrees to this plan, and she decides to send Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Discord to Bray, with Rarity as an ambassador. At this time, the Night Shade arrives at the My Little Pony dimension and discovers that not only was the universe completely fine, but also that Legion was dead. Realizing that Legion had somehow double-crossed his superiors, Night Shade calls the rest of his team into the My Little Pony dimension. The three meet with Sunset and Flaming Star, and they discuss the possibilities of the events surrounding Legion's death. Flaming Star then goes with Twilight off to the Freezelock pass to fortify it. At this time, Rarity has a meeting with the Bray senate, and they, as a whole, explain to Rarity that they will stay entirely objective. However, as she leaves, Rarity is pulled aside by the Prime and Secondary senator, Pontius and Martique. They explain to Rarity that they actually have a plan to disable the Irrum-Equus Alliance's chances for invading Equestria by blowing the train tracks in the Yolk Pass. They ask that, to maintain frontal objectiveness, Rarity would find an Equestrian to preform the task. Rarity sends a message to Celestia, who sends the message Flaming Star, asking him to perform the task. Twilight, however, insists that she do it instead of him, and Flaming Star agrees. She flies to the Yolk Pass where she meets Martique. He explains the situation to her, and she attempts to destroy the track. Unfortunately, they are stopped by Irrum's leader, who turns out to be one of those other-multidimensional creatures that the Brothers in Arms corps had encountered earlier. He defeats Twilight in battle and captures her, and the war-train from the Alliance continues on its way to the Frezzelock Pass of Equestria in the Frozen North. Just before it arrives, Flaming Star gives Rainbow Dash a co-commanding position over the Cloudsdale Airforce alongside Commander Hurricane XI, a descendant of the first Commander Hurricane, who helped found Equestria. Then the war-train arrives. Flaming Star attempts to stop it, but the train is armed with extremely advanced technology, suggesting that the Alliance had been receiving help from something outside the My Little Pony dimension. The war-train enters Equestria, but is derailed by Flaming Star, who then destroys the Freezelock Pass to keep any more war-trains from coming. Unfortunately, now no supplies or help from foreign countries would be entering through the pass as well. The war-train unloads it armies, and they begin to invade Equestria. Martique then shows up in a hot-air balloon, and tells Flaming Star, Spike, and Rainbow Dash that Pontius had betrayed him, Twilight, and Rarity, and that Twilight was now in enemy custody. Hearing this news, Flaming Star attempts to open a portal to Bray so that he can save Twilight and apprehend Pontius, but finds that not only can he not open portals to Bray, but also he cannot open portals to anywhere else. Some portal-blocking technology was being used by the Alliance, and it could not be stopped. At this time, Rarity discovers that their hotel had been surrounded by Bray police and Alliance army troopers. Discord assumes correctly that these ponies are attempting to capture them for prisoners of war, and escapes with Rarity and Pinkie Pie in a S.W.A.T. prisoner-transport truck. On the drive, Pinkie Pie discovers Pontius locked away in the jail in the back, claiming that he had been betrayed by Martique. However, before anything can be discussed further, the vehicle is shot up by Rocket Propelled Grenades and it flies off a cliff in flames. Meanwhile, Flaming Star, Spike, Rainbow Dash, and Martique meets up with Celestia, and Luna, and they go to visit Sunset and the Brothers in Arms corps to discuss their next moves. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna decide to have talks of an alliance of their own in with Saddle Arabia and the Crystal Empire, Flaming Star and Spike decide to go off to search Irrum and Equus for Twilight, the Brothers in Arms corps decide to go off to search Bray for Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Discord, and Rainbow Dash decides to go off to meet up with Commander Hurricane XI to begin retaliation against the invading Alliance army. While this is happening, Twilight awakens in a cell in some strange dimension. She is confronted by the being Paradox, who reveals that he is the one who controls the other-multidimensional creatures that the Brothers in Arms corps had encountered (called Phasetroopers), and that he is responsible for the Alliance-Equestria war. When Twilight asks him for a reason why he is doing it, he responds that he need the Tree of Harmony for everyone's benefits. He then explains that Princess Celestia had refused him access to the tree many years ago, so he had no other choice but to take it by force. He then explains that with the tree, he is going to remove all evil from the multiverse. At this time, Miranda's mind is taken over a mysterious entity called the "Light Man." Through Miranda, the Light Man gives a set of numbers that he will need. Sunset is confused, but commits the numbers to memory. The Light Man then leaves Miranda's mind, but not before curing her of her insanity. A couple of hours later, in Cloudsdale, Rainbow Dash meets up with Commander Hurricane XI. The talk for a bit about the war situation before beginning plans for retaliation. A scout comes in and gives them a report about how the Alliance army is advancing on the south of Equestria. This leads Rainbow Dash to believe that the army plans to attack Ponyville, but Commander Hurricane XI replies that Ponyville is not nearly important enough, and that it is only a front. Commander Hurricane elaborates by saying that the army really will attack Las Pegasus, and that they must send the bulk of their troopers there. Rainbow Dash reluctantly agrees to this plan. During this event, in Bray, Discord and his friends climb unscathed from the gorge they had fallen into earlier. Unfortunately, they then encounter a Phasetrooper who attempts to apprehend them; however, the Phasetrooper is stopped by Discord, with the help of the Brothers in Arms corps who arrive just in time. A day after these happenings, the story shifts to look at the Cutie Mark Crusaders and Button Mash. They are complaining about not understanding what is transpiring in Equestria when Miranda shows up. She explains to them that the Light Man had cured her. She then recalls that the Light Man had told her that the Paradox was going to find a way to take over Ponyville so that they could capture the Tree of Harmony. Realizing that this is what the invading army is going to do, indirectly under the Paradox's command, Miranda, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and Button Mash go off to warn Sunset. They find him at his house just as he realizes what the Light Man's numbers were: coordinates to a grassy hill in Equus. He meets up with Miranda and her friends, and the group then go off into Ponyville, with Miranda going to warn Mayor Mare about the impending invasion, and with Sunset going to ask Ditzy Doo to deliver a message about the Light Man's coordinates to Flaming Star and Spike. Mayor Mare listens to Miranda, and begins the evacuation of Ponyville immediately. Miranda then sends a message through a Pegasus named Lightning Dasher to the Brothers in Arms corps. The message is that they should come to Ponyville as soon as possible to help her defend the evacuated Ponyville. The story now reveals that Mayor Mare is actually an imposter, a Phasetrooper in disguise. The Mayor Mare imposter commands a couple of Phasetroopers to kill Lightning Dasher to keep Miranda's letter from ever reaching the Brothers in Arms corps. The Phasetroopers perform their task well, and Lightning Dasher is killed, and his letter falls to the ground. Fortunately it is then found by the Cutie Mark Crusaders and Button Mash, who realize the importance of the letter and decide to take it to the Brothers in Arms corps themselves. Nearly a day later, in Irrum, Flaming Star and Spike (undercover), plan to infiltrate an army base at midnight. However, before they can execute their plan, Ditzy Doo shows up under fire from the same army base. Flaming Star rescues her and escapes. Ditzy Doo then gives him and Spike the letter from Sunset, and Flaming Star decides to momentarily abort his mission so that he can search the hill that the coordinates point to. Flaming Star, Spike, and Ditzy Doo go to the hill, and discover an invisible piece of technology. They bring down the cloaking field and they discover that it is actually the portal-blocking technology. They then destroy it. Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash narrowly escapes an attempt on her life when she discovers that Commander Hurricane XI had lied to her when she had told her that the Alliance army was attacking Las Pegasus. The army is then revealed to be actually attacking Ponyville, and Rainbow Dash races off to help her friends. Exactly at the same time, Sunset and Miranda discover that Mayor Mare is an imposter as well, but it is too late: the Alliance army arrives. Sunset and Miranda face off the army, but before blows can be landed, the Paradox arrives. He explains that he just needs the Tree of Harmony, and almost manages to convince Miranda and Sunset to step aside. However, the Light Man appears through Miranda one last time, and explains to Sunset that the Paradox is lying, and that he actually intends to use the Tree of Harmony to destroy the whole multiverse and everything in it. The Paradox acknowledges this accusation, but then tells Miranda and Sunset that Twilight will die if they do not step aside. The two do so. The Paradox then reveals that Mayor Mare, Commander Hurricane XI, Martique, Cadence, and the rulers of Equus and Irrum had all been imposters, set by him. He then  continues on to the Everfree forest, and Miranda and Sunset are captured. Nevertheless, they are rescued by Fluttershy, and the three rush off to confront the Paradox. They are then joined by Discord, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Pontius, the Brothers in Arms corps (who had received the Cutie Mark Crusaders' letter), the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack. At first the group resists openly attacking the Paradox for fear of Twilight getting killed, but suddenly a portal opens up, and Twilight shows up. The Light Man had rescued her. The group then attacks the Paradox's Phasetrooper guards and overcomes them. They continue into the cave that houses the Tree of Harmony so that they can face-off with the Paradox. The Paradox, unfortunately, is expecting them and strips the interdimensional travelers of their powers, making them all defenseless against him. However, when Miranda sacrifices her life to stop the Paradox from activating the Tree of Harmony, the Paradox leaves, saying that they "had earned a moment of silence."

Part 4:

The story then shifts one month ahead, and focuses on another interdimensional traveler. His name is Samuel Dellor. He is about to be killed by demons when he is rescued by Archangel Michael, who explains to Samuel that since the death of Miranda, Heaven had discovered that the Paradox had double-crossed them. He then explains that Heaven is preparing to go to war against the Paradox, but that they need scouting information. The archangel then commands Samuel to go to the My Little Pony dimension, which he does so. At this time, the Brothers in Arms corps (with the exception of Night Shade, who gets adopted by Scootaloo's family) leave the My Little Pony universe to carry out plans against the Paradox. This plan is to find the Crystal of Harmony, a special unit in the system of mass-destruction that the Paradox had planned. If the Crystal of Harmony is destroyed, then all of the Paradox's plans are ruined. However, the location of that crystal are missing, so the Brothers in Arms corps go off to find the interdimensional traveler by the name of Finnian Jones, who supposedly knows where the Crystal of Harmony is located. As they prepare to set out to search from their safe house in the Looking For Group dimension, they encounter another interdimensional traveler. This traveler's name is Wild, and he explains to them that he would be willing help them find Finnain Jones if they let him come along. Just after the Brothers in Arms corps left the My Little Pony dimension, a powerful being shows up in Sunset's backyard. This being explains that he is named Doxia, or, as Miranda called him, the Light Man. He then tells Sunset the whole story of who he and the Paradox are, and how the Paradox plans to bring down the whole mutliverse. He then tells Sunset to tell Flaming Star that the intedimensional traveler Evan Funsch knows of the location of the Transformer Jetfire who knows of the location of Finnain Jones. Sunset prepares to give this information out to Flaming Star and the Brothers in Arms corps.



Doxia, the "Light Man."

This is the list of current original character cast members. The author has also mentioned that they will be bringing in canon characters from other storylines as well as interdimensional travelers.

  • Sunset Shadow (Joseph Torrus) - Interdimensional traveler with trust issues. Originally sadistic and depressed, Sunset, over the course of part 1 and part 2 of the story, becomes calm, kind, and friendly. He is now married to Fluttershy and has a child by the name of Starlight Amber. He is currently trying everything he can to not get involved in the new rebellion against the Paradox.
  • Flaming Star (Abimael "James" Sethson) -  The very first interdimensional traveler. He was originally very cynical and rude, but was devastated when his team was killed. At first he hid his pain by being unfriendly to all of those around him, but Twilight helped him recover, and he is now friendly, calm, and a little too witty. He is engaged to Twilight. He is currently too busy preparing to get married to really worry carrying out his plans to defeat the Paradox.
  • Regal Crescent (Dathan Enosson) - Interdimensional traveler and nephew to Flaming Star with a massive amount of hate issues targeted at his uncle. Originally Regal Crescent hated Flaming Star with a passion because of some past events, which is why he gladly took Legion's offer to kill his uncle. However, after he was defeated and he discovered his love, Luna, again, he slowly began to heal inside. Unfortunately this slow healing was no to last, because he was killed by Legion soon after his reformation.
  • Daniel Dragoon (The Brothers in Arms corps) - Interdimensional traveler with a strong heart. Despite the fact that he is guilt-ridden over the destruction of his homeworld, Daniel is an excellent leader. He is rarely fazed by any sort of drastic event, and always has a plan. He is currently searching for Evan Funsch.
  • Franklin Montgomery (The Brothers in Arms corps) - Interdimensional traveler who spends his time being extremely witty. Always in control, Franklin spends his time being funny, sarcastic, and annoying. However, he is extremely capable, and is valued on the Brothers in Arms corps. He is currently searching for Evan Funsch with Daniel Dragoon.
  • Night Shade (Brothers in Arms corps) - Former interdimensional traveler who values his friendships. Despite the fact that he is a little bit shy, Night Shade values his friends far above himself and is willing to do anything to keep them safe. Thus, ponies find him to be very likeable. He is currenly spending family time with Scootaloo, and her friends, and has no intention of ever entering the new war against the Paradox.
  • Miranda - Brother to Franklin who pretty much loves everyone. Miranda was kind, friendly, and unconditionally loving to everyone without a fault. Through her death, Heaven discovered that the Paradox had double-crossed them and declared war on him.
  • Samuel Dellor - Extremely introverted interdimensional traveler. Thanks to his troubled past and present, Samuel rarely talks to anyone. However, because of the mission that he was given by the Archangel Michael, he is preparing to enter the My Little Pony dimension and reenter society.
  • Wild - Dangerous dimensional rogue with a mysterious past. Not much is known about wild, except that he can be consumed with a blood-rage during the heat of battle, making him a liability and a danger to his teammates. Because of this, he tends to work alone. However, he is currently trying to join the Brothers in Arms team. 

Mentioned Dimensions

Since the story follows interdimensional travelers, sometimes the novel strays to other dimensions other than the My Little Pony dimension. This is a list of all the mentioned dimensions.

  • Earth Prime - Center of the multiverse, its current time is 2014 A.D.
  • Star Wars - Its current time is 35 years before the battle of Yavin
  • Star Trek - Its current time is 2122 Common Era.
  • Looking For Group - Its current time is a year after Cale'Anon meets Richard.
  • LEGO Universe - Its current time is 12 years after the events of the LEGO movie.
  • The Light and the Dark - Its current time is 700 years after the Great Light. It is not an actual canon storyline.
  • Doctor Who - Its current time was mentioned to be 3825 A.D., but it is unknown if this is still the current time.
  • Orbis Terrarum II - Second alternate timeline to Earth Prime, where Earth was able to create planetary colonies. Its current years is not known. It is not a canon storyline because it is an extension of Earth Prime, which is part of the "A Mending Soul" story.
  • The Phantom Tollbooth - Its time is 5300 years after the events of the book, "The Phantom Tollbooth."
  • The Neverending Story - Its time is a millennium after the defeat of the Nothing.


In the chapter "Lies and Truths," Miranda claims that the Light Man (Doxia) gave her numbers in her visions. She then gives Sunset an example of some of the numbers he told her about. It turns out that this specific example actually read out to be: "I ate some pie."

The character Finnian Jones is actually a character from the Lamplighter Theater audiobook collections.


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