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"We're gonna forgive her, aren't we?"
— ACRacebest's catchphrase after seeing Friendship actually winning over a villain

ACRacebest is a brony YouTuber and vlogger. He is perhaps best known for his Bronies React series and having long vlogs about his trips to varoius brony conventions. He also has a girlfriend, Sara, who introduced him to My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and is responsible for him becoming a brony.

Bronies React

Bronies React is a series on ACRacebest's YouTube Channel in which he and other prominent members of the brony community (including Saberspark, The Living Tombstone, BlackGryph0n, Dustykatt, Jaxblade, and others) react to episodes of, or videos related to, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. It's through this series that ACRacebest became as well known in the brony community as he currently is. The selection of reacting bronies vary from episode to episode, though some have become series regulars.

A running gag in the series is Orchestral Design closing out the video by flipping a table in frustration at Octavia's absence in the episode being reacted to.


Title Published Brony Panel Notes
Teens React to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic 2012-02-15 ACRacebest, BronyMike, d.notive, Dustykatt, The Living Tombstone , Solrac Bonus video
Derpy 2012-04-08 ACRacebest, BaldDumboRat, d.notive, Dustykatt, iBringDaLULZ, The Living Tombstone, Rina-Chan, Saberspark , Solrac Bonus video
Season 2 Finale 2012-05-23 ACRacebest, iBringDaLULZ, Jaxblade, The Living Tombstone, Orchestral Design, PhillyPu, Saberspark, Solrac, Trivium, Tsyolin
CollegeHumor's My Little Brony 2012-08-10 ACRacebest, BlackGryph0n , d.notive, Jaxblade, The Living Tombstone , Mic the Microphone, Mixipony, Prince Whateverer, Saberspark Bonus video
Cupcakes (Halloween Special) 2012-10-31 47times, ACRacebest, BlackGryph0n, Jaxblade, The Living Tombstone, Mic the Microphone, Saberspark , Solrac Bonus video
Season 3 Premiere 2012-12-04 ACRacebest, BlackGryph0n, d.notive, Jaxblade, The Living Tombstone, Nowacking, Orchestral Design, Paleosteno, Robbob, Saberspark, Solrac
Season 3 Finale 2013-04-05 AcousticBrony, ACRacebest, BlackGryph0n, Dustykatt, EileMonty, Final Draft, iBringDaLULZ, Jaxblade07, The Living Tombstone, Orchestral Design, PhillyPu, Saberspark, Solrac Bonus video
Equestria Girls The Trailer 2013-05-26 ACRacebest, BlackGryph0n, d.notive, EileMonty, Galaxyart, Jaxblade, Joe Stevens, The Living Tombstone, Mic the Microphone, Nowacking, Paleosteno, Saberspark Bonus video
Equestria Girls 2013-09-05 ACRacebest, BlackGryph0n, BronyDanceParty, BVids, Dustykatt, JackTHerbert, Jaxblade, Nowacking, Saberspark, Solrac Bonus video
Smile HD


2013-10-31 ACRacebest (credited as Pirate), Apple Bloom, Colossal Douche Bag, Jason Voorhees, Knight, Michelle Creber, Monique Creber, Nathan Drake, Snowflake, Sully Bonus Video
Season 4 Premiere 2013-12-27 ACRacebest, BlackGryph0n, Dustykatt, EileMonty, Nowacking, Orchestral Design, PhillyPu, Ratchetness, Saberspark Bonus Video
Season 4 Finale 2014-06-03 ACRacebest, BlackGryph0n, BVids, Dustykatt, IMMATOONLINK, Jaxblade07, The Living Tombstone, Nowacking, Orchestral Design, Saberspark, Solrac Bonus Video
MLP Generation 3 2014-11-01 ACRacebest, BlackGryph0n, Dustykatt, EileMonty, ILoveKimPossibleAlot, Michelle Creber, Nowacking, Ratchetness, Saberspark Bonus Video
Rainbow Rocks 2014-12-07 ACRacebest, AnimatedJames, BlackGryph0n, Dustykatt, ILoveKimPossibleAlot, Nowacking, Paleosteno, Ratchetness, Saberspark, Tommy Oliver Bonus Video
Season 5 Trailer 2015-03-20 ACRacebest, AnimatedJames, BlackGryph0n, BronyDanceParty, EileMonty, IMMATOONLINK, JHaller, LittleshyFiM, Paleosteno, Saberspark
Season 5 Premiere 2015-05-12 ACRacebest, AnimatedJames, BlackGryph0n, IMMATOONLINK, LittleshyFiM, M.A. Larson, Orchestral Design, Saberspark Bonus Video
Episode 100 - Slice of Life 2015-07-16 ACRacebest, AnimatedJames, BlackGryph0n, Dustykatt, EileMonty, ILoveKimPossibleAlot, LittleshyFiM, Nowacking, Orchestral Design, Paleosteno, Saberspark Bonus Video
Crusaders of the Lost Mark 2015-11-11 ACRacebest, BlackGryph0n, Claire Corlett, Madeleine Peters, Michelle Creber, Jaxblade, Saberspark Bonus Video
Friendship Games 2015-12-13 ACRacebest, BlackGryph0n, BronyDanceParty, IMMATOONLINK, LittleshyFiM, Nowacking, Paleosteno, Ratchetness, Saberspark Bonus Video
Season 5 Finale 2016-02-13 ACRacebest, BlackGryph0n, BronyDanceParty, EileMonty, IMMATOONLINK, Jaxblade, Joshscorcher, LittleshyFiM, Michelle Creber (cameo), Ratchetness, Saberspark Bonus Video
Season 6 Premiere 2016-06-29 ACRacebest, BlackGryph0n, BronyDanceParty, Fire Team Harmony, ILoveKimPossibleAlot, IMMATOONLINK, Joshscorcher, LittleshyFiM, Saberspark Bonus Video
Legend of Everfree 2016-10-31 ACRacebest, AnimatedJames, BlackGryph0n, BronyDanceParty, Dustykatt, Fire Team Harmony, IMMATOONLINK, Jaxblade, LittleshyFiM, PaleoSteno, Saberspark, Toodles3702 Bonus Video
Season 6 Finale 2017-01-27 ACRacebest, AnimatedJames, BlackGryph0n, BronyDanceParty, Fire Team Harmony, IMMATOONLINK, Jaxblade, LittleshyFiM, Saberspark, Toodles3702 Bonus Video
Season 7 Premiere 2017-06-18 ACRacebest, BlackGryph0n, BronyDanceParty, Dustykatt, EileMonty, Fire Team Harmony, IMMATOONLINK, Jaxblade, LittleshyFiM, PaleoSteno, Saberspark Bonus Video
A Royal Problem 2017-09-23 ACRacebest, BlackGryph0n, BronyDanceParty, BVids, Fire Team Harmony, IMMATOONLINK, LittleshyFiM, PaleoSteno, Saberspark, Silver-Quill Bonus Video

The Series of Ridiculously Long Convention Vlog Adventure Videos

Shortly after making Bronies React to CollegeHumor's My Little Brony, ACRacebest made a vlog series chronicling his and his girlfriend's trip to Everfree Northwest 2012 which spanned 32 videos. This idea of making long videos became the norm for his vlogs, and to this day he still makes vlogs of his convention goings.


On January 20, 2017, ACRacebest announced on his Twitter that he would be appearing on the January 24 episode of Steve Harvey, representing bronies as part of the show's "Is It Weird?" segment.[1]


  1. Sethisto (2017-01-20). ACRacebest to Appear on Steve Harvey's Show. Equestria Daily. Retrieved on 2017 January 21.

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