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3M0 DJ is a multi-genre producer and composer. Her first single, "Heart of the Flame," was featured on the first Lesser Knowns album.



Year Title Release
2012 "Heart of the Flame" The Lesser Knowns
"Fluttershy's Plea" (with NintendoGal55) N/A
"Steadfast" Faithful and Strong
"Watch in Awe" Team Twilight
2013 "Pingwin" Beyond Our Reach


Year Title Original artist Release
2012 "Tetris Theme (3M0 DJ Remix)" N/A N/A
"Phoenix Dance (3M0 DJ Remix)" Colortwelve & Matthew Mosier The Undeserved Album
"Dance of the Desert (3M0 DJ Remix)" Emperor Ubermensch N/A
"Heart of the Flame (3M0 DJ Mash-Up)" 3M0 DJ & NytMayr N/A
"Fluttershy the Monster (3M0 DJ Remix)" Emperor Ubermensch N/A
"Discord's Game (3M0 DJ Remix)" Legion N/A
"Boooring! (3M0 DJ Remix)" Assertive Fluttershy N/A
2013 "Good Things Are Better (3M0 DJ Remix)" Legion The Platform

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